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440 West Cotter Ave. Port Aransas, Texas

Red Dragon Pirate Cruises


A swashbuckling thrill for the entire family

  • lighthouse

    From the banks of Port Aransas, tour our scenic Texas coastline on the Red Dragon Pirate Ship.

  • pirate

    Be greeted by pirates on the Red Dragon Pirate Ship, or ye'll be walkin' da' plank.

  • show

    Scurvy pirate show

    Before each cruise, enjoy our pirate show as it goes up in flames after some action with daggers and blades.

  • pistol

    Learn to be a pirate

    Everyone gets into the action as they take their lessons with all seriousness. Ye' be warned. There be water in that pistol.

  • moustache

    At attention

    Gettin' made into pirates is serious business, especially when gettin' yer' official pirate moustache.

  • kidPirate

    An unforgettable experience

    Shiver me timbers and splice me mainbrace! There be pirates sighted in Port Aransas! These brigands be takin’ ye on an adventure ye’ll not soon forget!

  • waterPistol

    Interactive entertainment

    Don’t miss an unforgetable adventure aboard the Red Dragon!



















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