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440 West Cotter Ave. Port Aransas, Texas

Red Dragon Pirate Cruises

  • duel

    Board ye ship if ye dare

    Our pirates engage in a variety of activities, sometimes dueling one another. Not to be outdone, our boat reaches a top speed of 12 knots, cruises at 8 knots, and has a cruising capability of over 3000 nautical miles.

  • redPirate

    The ultimate interactive entertainment

    This boat is a stunning 75 feet long with a 20 foot beam and weighs 80 gross tons! The tallest of her four masts extends 57 feet above the waterline, or, roughly the height of a five story building.

A swashbuckling thrill for the entire family

When her cannons roar, you’ll think you’re in the middle of a 17th century naval battle.

She mounts 10 “cannons,” fired by computer with a full range of visual and audio effects. Due to her galleon hull configuration, Black Dragon is “sea sweet” and rides like a luxury liner, but she is so nimble, she can turn on her own radius. She can actually execute a 360 degree turn with her mainmast fixed to a position.

Although she will seldom venture out of sight of land, Red Dragon is equipped with state of the art navigational electronics including radar, sonar and a very sophisticated GPS system.

Every convenience has been considered aboard this mighty vessel. Modern men’s and women’s restrooms (heads), a full-service bar, and the interactive entertainment make this cruise truly pleasurable.

Everything you could need

  • Food and drinks are available for purchase
  • Remember your trip with souvenirs
  • Modern restrooms
  • Handicap accessible
  • Shaded areas keep you cool
  • Book an adults only cruise
  • Our boat is safe and is fitted with life jackets
  • No one gets seasick on our smooth sailing ship